Artist: Erick Picardo

PICARDO Caribbean Artist

Within the world of art, Picardo continues to expose the synthetization of his universe through expressive grounds of astounding interpretation. Always showcasing the manifestations of human existence within life’s procession, Picardo is slowly approaching a shift towards the realm of contemporary art.

Currently the artist’s transformation has brought his work into a stage of mystical descent bounded by subtlety, where the characters in his work are rhythmically engaged to a figurative setting while portraying to the eye of the beholder, visions of tenderized and perplexed melancholy without eyes or a face to help share its story.

Defined by the dominance of foreground, size, and supremacy of color, the role of these long and oval-shaped faceless bodies appear as a blurring balance between abstraction and mysterious expression that always quickly show to one’s eye, that the world in reach his creations come from, are not of our own.

From the automatic captivation of Picardo’s gorgeous paintings of oil and acrylic mixtures, the viewer cannot help but to notice the richness and beauty of the colors he chooses and how these colors help display the powerful harmony of complex values in society that sometime pose a conflict to each other.

The work of Picardo has been exhibited nationally and internationally. He currently resides in Grand Rapids, MI, where he continues to grow his profound artistry while also working with the Latin community.

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